Top 10 Ways To Fake An Interest In Hockey

Posted: 1st October 2009 by DMtShooter Five Tool Tool in NHL
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Want to pass with the puckhead in your office? Care to score points with a Canadian? Need a way to explain your mullet? Then just drop one of these ten time-tested tidbits that will make you look less like a hoser, eh. (And don't worry about the 25-year-old quasi-joke. That's big comedy to hockey fans!)

10) Pretend to get choked up over how Wayne Gretzky won't be coaching the Coyotes anymore.

9) Assuming you don't speak French, talk about how much you hate the Montreal Canadians.

8) Talk about how much you enjoy watching the Flyers lose every year, despite their high priced off-season additions (this year, it's named Chris Pronger).

7) Mention how much you are looking forward to the game that's being held outside.

6) Give whoever you are talking to a hock ...

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