Buffalo Sabres-Toronto Maple Leafs: One Passionate Rivalry

Posted: 9th January 2010 by Paul Taylor in NHL
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As I continue to learn more about hockey, I often find myself almost subconsciously comparing it to soccer.á Perhaps this is inevitable, given that I am English, but the similaritiesÆ between the two games isádefinitely aáfactor. I now realise it is not as simple as this.á For example, one rule I have always applied to soccer is that once your team has a three-goal lead in any game, they are a safe bet to win. Of late, the Buffalo Sabres have been doing their best to make me realise this theory doesnÆtátranslate to hockey.á Two comeback wins from three-goal deficits will do that. In hindsight, maybe hockey is better compared to the five-a-side equivalent of soccer: Indoor venue, smaller field, fewer players, more chances and con ...

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