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Just before 8:30pm last Saturday night, Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson was pulled over by Minneapolis Police for speeding. He was clocked at going 109 in a 50mph zone. The patrolman that was finally able to catch Peterson was far too winded to give an initial comment. After several minutes, some Gatorade and a whiff of smell salt, the patrolman was able to gasp out, "Holy f***! That guy can run!" In fact, this may be the fastest that any man as ever travelled on foot. Estimates are that it may be as much as 70mph faster than the next closest recorded speed by a human being. The patrolman went on, "I mean...the guy looks fast on TV, but until you really get down there on the same level as him, you don't realize how fast he really is." With the cooperation of the Minnesota De ...

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Article written by Jon Grilz

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