Top 11 Week 8 NFL Ad Questions

Posted: 1st November 2009 by DMtShooter Five Tool Tool in NFL
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11) Will Wanda Sykes' "whole new dangerous direction in late night" involve any amount of actual humor?

10) Why would I want to patronize the cellular phone plan of cannibalistic pigs?

9) Does Capital One get a lot of its business from Ren Faire Doucebags, and do I have to be one to get the card?

8) How much did Ford have to pay their professional drivers to drive a Taurus, or did they simply allow the drivers to do their work while masked?

7) Is there something perhaps telling that KFC uses simulations, rather than real live meat, to advertise their product?

6) Why does Southwest Airlines think that communicating their luggage policy via the most annoying rap in the history of the world will make me want to patronize their service?

5) ...

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