To Sit or Not to Sit? NFL’s Competitive Balance Issue Rages On

Posted: 6th January 2010 by Dave Stanley in NFL
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The playoffs may be upon us, but this year, there is a regular season white elephant in the room that refuses to go away: Should a playoff-bound teamùwith its seeding already decidedùrest its starters during late season, "meaningless" games? á Normally, the issue is merely an eye roll-inducing annoyance. áHere's a typical Sunday conversation in late December: "Let's see, what game's on next? Oh, the Colts and the time does Family Guy come on, again?" However, this year, with the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts coming so close to perfection, the argument has been cast into the limelight like never before. á Throw in the fact that the New England Patriotsùa non-perfect team who still had their playoff destiny decidedùlost star wide receiver Wes Welker for ...

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Article written by Dave Stanley

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