Consistency: The Reason Fred McGriff Is Overlooked

Posted: 6th January 2010 by Benjamin upchurch in MLB
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Fred McGriff Did not have a Flashy Career. áHe really never had that year that stood out from his average production. áThere wasn't a mid career slump nor a second half revival. Instead year after year, team after team he produced like clock work. The big complaint was that he wasn't a headliner in his time. áHere's something for the BBWAA, Hank Aaron made it into Sports Illustrated only three times before the 73 season. Maybe Fred needed to have a drug problem or something to get noticed. From 1988 to 2002 he was a go to guy. áHe never had anything less than 80 RBI during that time. áHis Lowest BA was .273 in 2002. áOnly once during that time did he hit less than 20 home runs, falling short at 19 in 98. So that's 15 years straight of solid/All-Sta ...

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