Thanksgiving Football Becoming a Joke

Posted: 26th November 2009 by Danny Vohden in NFL
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I love tradition just a much as the next guy, and nothing quite goes with Thanksgiving like football. But can we please get some better match ups? The tryptophan and wine are enough to make people sleepy, we don't need to watch the Lions and Raiders on top of it. I understand it's tradition for the Lions to play at home, but they are, and have been, terrible for quite some time now. They are not entertaining to watch, and I really don't enjoy watching an NFL game when I know one team has basically no chance of winning. Enough is enough, lets bump the Lions out of this spot. Would Lions fans even really care? They know their team's awful, and we know there team is awful. Must we both be forced to watch them at least once every year. Since 2001, the Lions have lost by a total of 157 points ...

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