Of Patriots and Prostitutes

Posted: 12th December 2009 by Jim Bouchard in NFL
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ArenÆt things bad enough in Foxboro? The wheels may in fact be coming off the wagon! First this week, Coach Bill blew his stack at four players late for a team meeting Wednesday during the winterÆs first storm. One of the sanctioned players was Randy Moss. At least he kept his mouth shut. Another was Adalius Thomas, who complained he wasnÆt part of the JetsonÆs family. Well, Adalius, neither are the rest of us, but when itÆs snowing weÆre expected to get up earlier and get to work on time whether we can fly or not. I hope these guys can cross the street on their own because the Feds pulled funding for the Patriots Place bridge project. They did decide to fund a puppet show in Philadelphia. IÆm confused. TheyÆre supposed to be funding ôshovel readyö projects. People actually use s ...

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