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Of Patriots and Prostitutes

Posted: 12th December 2009 by Jim Bouchard in NFL
ArenÆt things bad enough in Foxboro? The wheels may in fact be coming off the wagon! First this week, Coach Bill blew his stack at four players late for a team meeting Wednesday during the winterÆs first storm. One of the sanctioned players was Randy Moss. At least he kept his mouth shut. Another was Adalius Thomas, who complained he wasnÆt part of the JetsonÆs family. Well, Adalius, neither are the rest of ...

Has Tom Brady Lost the Fire? Has Bill Belichick Lost the Magic?

Posted: 6th December 2009 by Jim Bouchard in NFL
Pats Lose by 1 Point, 1 Yard & 1 Throw They got what they deserved. Crucial 4th-and-1 and they couldnÆt punch it home. Quick snap when Brady saw one-on-one coverage on Moss in the end zone and throws short. (Give Vonte Davis credit; he made a veteran move and sealed Moss from the catch.) The Pats didnÆt just lose by 1ùthey lost by at least 14 points they left on the field. How do the ...

The Problem With Tom Brady and Suzy Kolber

Posted: 15th September 2009 by Jim Bouchard in NFL
Tom, whatcha thinkin’? I know you guys had a tough night, but hey, it finished in legendary Patriots' style, didn’t it? Why did you give the cold shoulder to cute little Suzy Kolber after the game as you headed into the locker room? I know you’re Tom Terrific—the underwear model and the cause of too many women’s fantasies. I can also appreciate that Suzy is not Gisele Bundchen; but like many other authentic ...