NFL Stat Analysis: Yards Per Attempt: More Important Than You Think

Posted: 25th September 2009 by Luis Alberto in NFL
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My goal is to get into more robust analysis than what you're about to read. But, just to get myself started, I started looking at some data to see if there is any way to predict a team's offensive output (in terms of points).

Before I get to that, I want to give a little background. I'm of the ever shrinking school of thought that a quarterback should not be judged by his win-loss record. Working backwards, I decided that quarterbacks have much more control over their team's offensive output than they do over the actual game results. That's why my first article/analysis/"journey into loser-dome" is trying to find the stats that can predict offensive output.

I started off by looking at a couple of basic stats: Yards per attempt Interception % Average points give ...

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Article written by Luis Alberto

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