Michael Crabtree Signing a Waste for San Francisco 49ers

Posted: 7th October 2009 by Jeff Medina in NFL
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Go ahead, tell me to get over it.á Tell me that now that he's in red and gold we should embrace him. Tell me that it's not his fault. Tell me that he was surrounded by bad influences. Tell me that he received bad advice. Tell me that he's misunderstood, not a diva at all. Tell me that he still might make an impact on this year's team.

And I'll tell you that you're wrong on every count. Eugene Parker, Deion Sanders, and, at some point...MC Hammer???á They've all been involved in the Crabtree fiasco.á Am I to believe that now that Crabtree's signed, the circus will end?á Should I believe that he suddenly understands the error of his ways?á When will teams learn from the Plaxico Burresses and Braylon Edwardses of the world that this never works out?

The odds are so far sta ...

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Article written by Jeff Medina

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