An Open Letter To the Baltimore Ravens

Posted: 28th December 2009 by Voodoo Magic in NFL
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á Dear Baltimore Ravens, Dude. Love, Voodoo á à.OK, I guess I need more than that. á Dear Baltimore Ravens, The playoffs were on the line today for you to just take. ThatÆs right, just extend your arms, reach outàno no no, not you Derrick Mason, someone else. Come to think of it, not you either Terrell Suggs. Seriously, what was that? You have your arch-rivals, the team that pulled a hat trick on you last season, on the ropes and you let them back in the game with some of the most jaw-dropping play IÆve ever seen. And IÆve seen some bad play. By my honest estimate, you took 31 points off the board today. Terrell ôHands of Stoneö Suggs dropping a sure pick-six AND bringing a TD back on a penalty, Kelley WashingtonÆs holding call on Willis McGaheeÆs TD run, Derrick Mason forgetti ...

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