David Stern Needs To Go

Posted: 12th September 2009 by Kevin Nesgoda in NBA
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There is a lockout coming in the NBA. Not the anticipated lockout that is coming after the 2011 season of the players, but rather the lockout of NBA officials coming on Oct. 1. David Stern is holding this lockout over a measly $700,000. He has broken off talks with union head Lamell McMorris, and word has it he doesn’t plan on picking up talks until the union has completely caved. Stern is notorious for taking a hard line stance and not moving. "The problem is, David Stern does not negotiate. He tells you what's going to happen and then when you don't do it, and do something differently, he whines and acts like a child," McMorris said. "That's not how you negotiate. Not with adults." If you thought the officiating was terrible in the NBA, then the NBA is going to be even worse when t ...

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