World Extreme Cagefighting: The AAA Affiliate of the UFC?

Posted: 12th September 2009 by E. Spencer Kyte in NHL
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A few weeks back we discussed the merits of a merger between the UFC and the WEC.

Since then, UFC President Dana White has gone on record saying that the bantamweight and featherweight divisions of the WEC would be brought over to the big stage, providing champions like Mike Thomas Brown and Brian Bowles with a chance to perform on an even bigger stage.

Over this past week, MMA Junkie ran a poll to gauge fans' interest in such a move, with roughly 60 percent voting in favor of the two companies pooling their resources.

But an all-or-nothing move isn't the only solution.

Every major sport has a minor league system of one kind or another, so why should Mixed Martial Arts be any different?

Though it wasn't all that long ago that the welte ...

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Article written by E. Spencer Kyte

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