Will 2009-10 Be a Tale of Two Seasons for the Detroit Red Wings?

Posted: 30th December 2009 by Matt Hutter in NHL
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Quite honestly, I hate the New Year holiday. Unlike other holidays, it has no cultural or religious significance, has no correlation to seasonal changes, and is based on the wholly arbitrary system of time. Time is an illusion, a made up thing, a feeble attempt to apply some measurement to eternity. New Year's is meaningless. Unless you're a hockey fan. If you're a hockey fan, December 31 means that your team is smack dab in the middle of their season. Half (or very nearly half) of the 82 games they're scheduled to play are in the past, and the back end of their season is laid out before them. In this way, New Year's for a hockey team is kind of like the clubhouse lunch between your front and back nine holes. A brief period of time to reflect on what's gone well, what needs improving and, ...

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