The Nikkita Filatov Conundrum

Posted: 11th November 2009 by Ed Cmar in NHL
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Perhaps the most perplexing development with the Columbus Blue Jackets this season is the lack of playing time given to forward Nikita Filatov. Since the season began, Filatov has seen his Time On Ice (TOI) go from a small amount, to virtually non-existent, to a series of healthy scratchesùthis, predicated by quite an intense discussion with Head Coach Ken Hitchcock during a practice preceding the series of healthy scratchesùto Filatov starting to play, even fewer minutes, to more healthy scratches, to playing a few more minutesùonly due to a rash of injuries to the CBJ's forward cropùto more diminished minutes, last night, with the same diminished forward corps. Whew! Recounting that was exhausting... Let's backtrack a bit to what predicated the first series of healthy scratches, then ...

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Article written by Ed Cmar

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