Sorry Blackhawks Fans: Chicago Will Never Be a Hawks Town

Posted: 27th December 2009 by Cregen McMinn in NHL
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Sorry Blackhawks fans, Chicago will never be a "Hawks town" As a sports fan who works in downtown Chicago I deal with fans of all the Chicago sports teams. There's pie in the sky, "this is our year" Cubs fans; there's the "can't let go of the MJ years" Bulls fans, the increasingly bitter and ignorant Bears fans, the often needy for validation White Sox fans, and lastly the cult-ish Blackhawks fans. The Blackhawks fans are rising the totem pole of annoying Chicago fans faster than you can say "who cares." What's the problem with Hawks fans? Easy, they don't get it. The majority of Hawks fans think that by having a little bit of success they can now stick their flag on the top of Willis Tower and call this a Hawks town. Sorry, it's not that easy. In fact, Hawks fans will soon understand it ...

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Article written by Cregen McMinn

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