Ritter’s Rant: Observations From Around The NHL

Posted: 27th October 2009 by Mark Ritter in NHL
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Written By: Mark ôThe Hard Hitterö Ritter

Net, ôNyetö

Dear Lee Stempniak,

The net is the thing painted red that was eight feet in front of you when you had your breakaway, you know, when you shot the puck five feet wide and into the boards. ThatÆs some nice shooting there ôTexö, remind me not to go hunting with you!

Pass the Tylenol

When it comes to head shots, nobody seems to have a good read on what the NHL standard is. There are several criteria that the NHL considers, amongst them, was the hit late? Does the player have a history of this kind of hit? And was the hit intentional?

How about we just make it easy for everyone, if a player gets nailed in the head by his opponent and he goes off the ice on a stretcher, t ...

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Article written by Mark Ritter

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