Rexall Place: A Shrine Among Shrines

Posted: 24th October 2009 by Antony Ta in NHL
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Rexall Place is a shrine among shrines, and everyone is welcome inside. A recent article on OilersNation about "the most annoying fans" roused my interest. Many Oilers fans submitted accounts of their own experiences with these kinds of fans and I can't say I disagree for the most part. When it comes to the mumbling drunks who call into the radio show after the game and suggest that we trade the whole team for Alex Ovechkin, there's not much to be said. When it comes to fans that know nothing, but like to give the impression of being an Oilers know-it-all, there's not much to be said either. But forget about them, I want to talk about the fans who are just on the edge—the greenhorns who are (without surprise) drawn to the copper and blue but need some guidance. In my opinion, being a ...

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