Ottawa Senators: What Happened and Is This the Year They Dig Their Way Out?

Posted: 28th October 2009 by Ramona Zacharias in NHL
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As an avid Senators fan, married to a hardcore Leafs nut, playoffs time in our house was always a source of stress. ThereÆd be glares, taunts, and pouts, with both of us inevitably having to pick another team to cheer on as the finals drew closer. á However, that hasnÆt been much of an issue for a few years now. IÆm not even going to touch the Leafs' situation (although congrats, boys, on scoring your first win this season! Way to rack up two points in one game!). But the Sens? What happened? á Although this year is off to a pretty good start (5-2-2), it wasnÆt that long ago that they were starting off the season as the No. 1 pick for the Cup. And now? Well...since making it to the finals in 2007 they havenÆt done much of anything. A step ahead of the Leafs (naturally), they made it ...

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Article written by Ramona Zacharias

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