Ondrej Pavelec vs. Kari Lehtonen: Who Should Be the Thrashers’ No. 1?

Posted: 5th November 2009 by Andrew Buccellato in NHL
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Atlanta seems to be torn on what to think these days about the man between the pipes. A pretty good arument seems to rolling along down on the AJC Web site on which goalie the Thrashers should keep, and then what to do with the other.

I figure we should settle this once and for all and look at how the two are performing. á Kari Lehtonen Obviously hasn't played a game in a long time and it does appear that, after resting and extensive research, the doctors have found the root of his pain. They found portions of bones that were pressing on the roots of nerves. For anyone who isn't accustomed to back injuries or nerve injuries, think of it this way: When you are walking, imagine a four-inch knife stabbing you every step you take. When Kari is playing, he is an incredibly gifted at ...

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Article written by Andrew Buccellato

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