Montreal Canadiens: Time to Let Them Rebuild Once and For All

Posted: 20th October 2009 by Sebastien Tremblay in NHL
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Something has been bothering me for a few years now, and I donÆt care that weÆre not even ten games into the seasonàIÆm pressing the panic button. á My panic button. The button IÆve hoped management would press a long time ago. Let me explain. á Once in a while, I stop thinking rationally about hockey and think "what if." Speculation is dangerous, but in this case, there is reason to believe it would work. á "What if the Montreal Canadiens allowed the team to crumble like Pittsburgh or Chicago in the late 1990s and early 2000s and rebuild like many other teams are doing; what kind of team would we have now?" á ThatÆs a question a lot of experts have pondered and the usual answer is "theyÆd probably be in a better position now, but the fans would not have allowed it." á TheyÆre ...

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Article written by Sebastien Tremblay

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