Mike Richards’ Hit Up For Debate

Posted: 25th October 2009 by Kevin Lagowski in NHL
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With Flyers captain Mike Richards likely facing a suspension for Saturday night's devastating hit to David Booth, everyone wants to throw their two cents in. Richards' skates were on the ice when he delivered the hit and it was clearly with his shoulder, so those aspects of the check were clean. But the NHL now has the lame 5-minute interference penalty as an excuse to punisháa player when something just doesn't feel kosher about a hit. Do I feel personally that it warranted a major penalty, game misconduct, and probable suspension? My answer might surprise you. Yes. The NHL needs a "blow to the head" rule like the NFL has. For far too long they have let players knock each other's skulls around, and numerous careers have been shortened as a result. Richards' hit was ill-timed and un ...

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