Leafs Closer To Playoffs Then Most Think

Posted: 1st May 2010 by Joey Wilson in NHL
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Contrary to popular belief, I actually believe the Leafs can make the playoffs, or at the very least should be in the race right to the end with the team they have right now. That is not to say they do not need to make some moves as they clearly do, but they are much closer to being a playoff team than a lot of people are giving them credit for. Firstly, let us not be blinded by the past two seasons of utter failure (and yes I am aware it's actually five seasons of failure but I digress). One stat that tells the tale of why they were so bad is that for the past two seasons: The Leafs ranked LAST in the NHL in save percentage. LAST. Not 20th, not 25th, but LAST. That problem is solved as far as I'm concerned as Vesa "Swiss Cheese" Toskala was shipped out of town. Even in a worst ...

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