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Now thatáTheorenáFleury's days of playing hockey are behind him, he will take some time to contemplate his future as the Flames roll head-on into theáregularáseason.á Someone whose future needs no contemplation is Flames newcomer Jay Bouwmeester. Theáheraldedádefensemanálanded a five-year, $33 million contract and played more than anyone in hisáregularáseason debut. He might not know it, but Fleuryáhad a huge role in hisátransitionáto the Flames. The news on June 1 was that Bouwmeesterùwho played for the Florida Panthersùwas being traded to Calgary. Days later, heáreceivedáa fair contract from GM DarryláSutter. It was front page news, and every paper in Canada reported the trade in the sports section. Jay Bouwmeester was coming home to Alberta.á It was sure to be a medi ...

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Article written by Chris Small

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