2009-10 San Jose Sharks: Stanley Cup or Bust?

Posted: 26th September 2009 by Andy Bensch in NHL
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As sports fans we have all heard the claims of "Super Bowl or Bust," "World Series or Bust" and "Stanley Cup or Bust." But most of the time these claims are misplaced and over-exaggerated statements made by fans and athletes alike. However, when it comes to the 2009-10 San Jose Sharks, the claim "Stanley Cup or Bust" may actually be true. Over the years, various Sharks fans have deemed each season as "Cup or bust" but each time a fan made that statement, I shook my head in disagreement. When it comes to winning what is widely considered as the hardest trophy to win all of professional sport, how can a fan claim that his/her team "has to win it, or else"? The Stanley Cup Playoffs are like no other playoff. NHL teams have to win 16 games compared to just four at most in the NFL playoffs. Ea ...

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