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á á I want to start by turning back the clock for a moment, and I cannot promise this will be a good thing. In fact, it might get ugly.á As Lemony Snicket says, the Littlest Elf is out there somewhere if itÆs happiness you are looking for. á áSpecifically, I want to go back to week two of this 2009 NFL, and more specifically, to the last moment of play in the game. á The score: Indianapolis 27, Miami 23. The Dolphins have the ball on the Colts 42 yard line. It is the third or fourth last play of the game. á At 1-0, not one of us watching the game- not one person alive, has considered that the Indianapolis Colts, badly outplayed for 59 minutes, might be en route to a perfect season.á It is the furthest thing from anyone's minds. á And then, out of the shotgun, Chad Pennington fire ...

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Article written by Dave Trembley

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