Will The Raiders Lose 10 Games Again This Year?

Posted: 6th November 2009 by won ton in NFL
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In the history of this historic franchise, the Oakland Raiders never had more than two consecutive seasons of losing 10 or more games, in fact from 1960 to 2002 the Raiders had only had a total of four seasons (this right, FOUR).áá In 1961 (2-12) and 1962 (1-13) were the only two consecutive years, then again in 1987 they went 5-10 and finally in 1997 the Raiders went 4-12 and ended up with the No.4 pick and took Charles Woodson.á Since then the Raiders went (8-8),(8-8),(7-9) and then Rich Gannon and Jon Gruden got going and the Raiders went (12-4),(10-6), and (11-5). Since then the Raiders have gone 4-12 (2003), 5-11(2004), 4-12(2005), 2-14 (2006), 4-12 (2007), and 5-11 (2008).á In 2003, the Raiders who were coming off a Super Bowl season, started with a 2-5 record. Much like this yea ...

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