Will Shawne Merriman Be Suspended For Assaulting Tila Tequila?

Posted: 10th September 2009 by David Xaviel is Mr. X in NFL
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Here is a very interesting story for those who follow my articles. As you would know, I have written articles on why I believed that NFL suspensions by Roger Goodell have been excessive, because they have inordinately punished black players. Only recently, I decided to concede my criticism of Goodell (along with others), and instead dump all my criticism at one freeloader and incompetent journalist, Jay Mariotti. Now we have reports that San Diego linebacker Shawne Merriman has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting TV personality, Tila Tequila. The question in my mind has been: Will Goodell suspend Merriman? To remain consistent with previous opinions, I can only say that due process should be allowed to take place, and that any suspension should be based on a ruling from the court, no ...

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