Why Tom Brady Is the Most Overrated Quarterback of All Time

Posted: 29th November 2009 by David Xaviel is the Real Mr. X in NFL
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As Peter Griffin would say, "You know what really grinds my gears?" Tom Brady.á I make no bones about that, but that does not necessarily mean that the facts don't support my conclusion. The facts, in fact, support the actuality of that as fact. I have stated many times that I love to, "stick it" to Patriot fans, like any real rock musician loves to stick it to the man. I respect Brady, only in that I believe his legacy is a question that I must answer. Here though, is the case for why Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is the most overrated quarterback of all time. The modern era of the NFL has been easier on quarterbacks. The NFL has intentionally created rules to inflate the stats of quarterbacks: Mel Blount rule, Neil Smith rule, Tuck Rule, Ty Law rule, Tom Brady rule, etc. Like s ...

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