Why the US Congress Should Revoke ESPN’s License to Broadcast

Posted: 1st November 2009 by David Xaviel is Mr. X in NFL
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I have just about had it with ESPN.á On one hand, I can imagine that ESPN employs respectable people, yet the big picture of ESPN is that ESPN is nothing more than propaganda that only serves to divide people in many ways, including racial lines. ESPN is nothing more than yellow journalism and not in a harmless or entertainingáway. On one hand, you'll getáhacks that laugh at distraught fans (see, College GameDay); on the other hand you'll get more hacks that washed out from some schooláyet somehow insinuate themselves into places thatáthey don't belong (see, cast of Around The Horn ). Ooh, but we should feel badly about ourselves because we aren't puppets that, "get to" be on the flickering idiot box, believing that the job is inherently a higher plane of intelligence. It seems fittin ...

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