Why Brett Favre Could Be Better Than in 2009

Posted: 2nd July 2010 by Chad Lundberg in NFL
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Wow, a Packer fan actually saying Favre will outdo his performance in 2009. Who would have thought that? Every here and there I get a strong positive feeling for a player or a team. I don't mean I studied a particular player and then I feel like they're going to do good. It's just a feeling. The only two I had last season were that Favre was going to be as good as ever, and the Colts were going to be as strong as ever. Everyone thought that Favre was too old and the Colts had lost far too much to continue their strong push. When I was watching him in the preseason, I noticed something interesting. The guy just looked "athletic" to me. It just seemed like there was still a lot of gas in the tank, despite the fact that he was going to turn 40. Since Favre has had one of the strongest arms ev ...

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