Why 19-0 Should Always Be The Ultimate Goal

Posted: 27th December 2009 by Alexeiv Goodenov in NFL
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If the Patriots gone 19-0, would that have set a precedent for 19-0 being the ultimate goal?

I mean, part of the reason why I as a Rams fan cheered for the Patriots (after my team was eliminated) to win and go 19-0 was because it would have unseated the '72 Dolphins as greatest team of all time. This is not based on any hatred for Mercury Morris or Don Shula, but more so the passing of the torch, and of course being able to say I witnessed something legendary. The day after they lost, I kept thinking how people would use this against future teams. I knew this would not be forgotten.

Of course the '76 Raiders did rest their starters last week of the season when they were 12-1, but they were not 13-0.

One of the basic notions of competitive drive, not only in sport ...

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