Where Quarterbacks Come To Die: Welcome To Chicago, Jay Cutler

Posted: 24th November 2009 by Jake Karmel in NFL
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There is a pattern here. The Bears have never had an All-Pro QB in the modern era. They've had only one QB Hall of Famer in 90 years. á Every great college QB prospect has turned into a bust. And now there are all the naysayers about Jay Cutler. á Is it that the Bears donÆt know how to draft? áDonÆt know how to evaluate talent (although Burris, Quinn, Hutchinson, Moreno, and a few others make this a tough question)? á Is it the water in Chicago? I donÆt think so. á Maybe itÆs the Bears and not the QBs. á Why would any offensive-minded QB ever, I repeat ever , want to play in Chicago? á The Bears destroy any offensive-minded QB with their mindless and defenseless insistence on being called a ôrunning team,ö especially today when the rest of the NFL has passed them by in the air ...

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Article written by Jake Karmel

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