What the NFL Can Learn from European Football

Posted: 19th October 2009 by Josh Brewer in NFL
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For the first time in what seems like forever, there are a plethora of bad teams in the NFL. Parity surely hasn't died (see: Cincinnati Bengals), but a chasm may be developing. Maybe the NFL is getting a little too convoluted. Maybe having 32 teams bogs down competition a little. Maybe owners in Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, and elsewhere need a bit of motivation to field a strong team year in and year out. The NFL needs to institute a policy of relegation. Lucky for them, I've already come up with the solution. First, the AFC/NFC idea is out. The divisions that share the same directional name join (i.e. teams from the AFC and NFC North combine to make the North Division), leaving the league with four divisions. After the combination comes the separation. The two worst teams in each divisio ...

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