What The Hell, Packers?

Posted: 23rd September 2009 by Brian Peoplis in NFL
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Full disclosure: I gamble on pro football. Almost every Sunday, in fact.  Believe you me, there were few bets I liked more this past Sunday then Packers -10 1/2 over the lowly Bengals. Slam-dunk, no doubt, easy victory for the green and gold. So here's my question for the Packers: what the fuck were you attempting to do Sunday? Did any of you watch a single episode of 'Hard Knocks' this season? Did you not see how incredibly hard it was for the Bengals to put together a team that would in all likelihood struggle to compete in the Canadian Football League? Apparently not, because the Packers got straight up RAPED by Cincy. That's right, raped. And not by big playmakers like Carson Palmer, by guys like CEDRIC FUCKING BENSON and some castoff named Antwan Odom! This Odom dude had 5 sacks ...

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