What I Want (as a Redskins Fan)

Posted: 5th January 2010 by Dan Yoke in NFL
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When asked about the intangibles that Mike Shanahan can bring to Washington that Jim Zorn did not possess, cornerback DeAngelo Hall offered his thoughts.

“It’s kind of hard to envision yourself trying to get somewhere when the person who’s talking to you has never been there personally,” cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. “That’s probably the only thing that I want. I want to go to the Super Bowl.”

What I want is a player who wants to WIN a Super Bowl, not just play in it.

I also want Hall to learn how to tackle.

I want Carlos Rogers to learn how to catch (you too, Smoot).

I want LaRon Landry to actually look around him before launching himself at an opponent. He might actually have a chance to make an interception.

I want a free safety, so Landry can play the position that he is actually good at.

I want Albert Haynesworth to go two games in a row without being carted off the field.

I want Brian Orakpo playing DE, and H.B. Blades starting in his place in the linebacking corps.

I want all defenders to stop celebrating after making a tackle on first or second down.

I want all offensive players to stop celebrating after making their first good play midway through the third quarter while they are losing 17-4.

I want London Fletcher to live forever.

I want offensive linemen who are more qualified to play in the NFL than they are to be a cast member on Biggest Loser.

I want a draft that addresses the worst O-line in the league.

I want reserve linemen to have more NFL experience than just living with another NFL lineman.

I want Stephon Heyer cut.

I want Antwaan Randle-El cut, or at least stripped of all return duties.

I want the staff to seek legitimate competition for Jason Campbell during the offseason.

I want Campbell to not get scared when a defense shows blitz on third down and check down to a draw or screen pass.

I want more routes that go six yards when we need five, instead of three when we need four.

I want at least one game-winning drive next year.

I want a field goal kicker who can make 95 percent of his kicks from inside of 40 yards.

I want to win at least one division game next year.

I want a team that can compete in the NFL. I want a team that I can at least brag about once or twice during the course of a season. I want to be three years old in 1982 and watch a dynasty being born.

The Redskins have been horrible (or at best mediocre) for long enough to atone for whatever bad karma they have accrued.á

The fans just want a team that they can be proud of (or at least beats Dallas and Philly once a year)!

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