Washington Redskins Never Wanted Jim Zorn At All

Posted: 6th October 2009 by Jack Gorman in NFL
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Cue up the funeral march.

No matter who says or does what from here on outàremember this as the beginning of the end of the Jim Zorn era.

The Redskins today hired West Coast Offense guru Sherman Lewis as an ôoffensive consultant" less than 48 hours after the teamÆs narrow victory against the bumbling Buccaneers.

Redskins de facto GM Vinny Cerato stressed that Lewis is ôanother set of eyesö and ôJim welcomed the idea if it was the right guyö and ôJim still calls the plays.ö

It doesnÆt take a genius to read the subtext here: the hire was made by Vinny Cerato and (because it was Cerato) by owner Daniel Snyder. Zorn clearly did not initiate this and, no matter how much of a lap dog Zorn has ...

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