Vinny Cerrato Has Hot Air for Sale

Posted: 23rd October 2009 by JW Nix in NFL
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Is anyone buying the pile of manure Vinny Cerrato is shoveling out of Washington DC? No respectable Redskins fan is, especially those who live in the nations capitol and are used to politicians lies.

Cerrato uses his radio show (why he even has one is beyond comprehension) as a platform to explain his incompetencies.á He used it this week to make a few statements that need to be broken down.

"Jim Zorn is the head coach of the Washington Redskins and will be for the rest of this season, and hopefully into the future."

This is clearly Vinny saying he hopes he himself has a future with the club. Though many Redskins fans have scratched their heads for years trying to figure out why Cerrato maintains a job in the NFL, Dan Snyder keeps surprising them b ...

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