Vikings vs. 49ers: Brett Favre Stuns San Francisco with Comeback

Posted: 27th September 2009 by Ray Tannock in NFL
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For those of you still debating whether or not Favre still has it: apparently, he does. With no less than two seconds left on the clock in a heated battle with San Francisco, the Vikingsùled by Favre, not Petersonùcemented their 3-0 start with a stellar pass from Favre toáGreg Lewis, who "cat-walked" his way to a TD. Driving down the field against a stout zone coverage package that wreaked havoc on Favre all day, the master of the comeback did it yet again, threading the proverbial needle as only Favre can. San Francisco didùliterallyùeverything they could to stave off a Vikings victory. The 49ers created disruption up front, and they stifled the run just enough so that it was ineffective, but in the end, it was FavreÆs uncanny ability to take a teamùany teamùon one helluva pinch d ...

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Article written by Ray Tannock

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