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I read a post the other day saying that the Colts offense needed to be changed up. It was so predictable, so obvious. Au contraire my friends, au contraire. Before we get into what the Colts doùand why they have been one of the most prolific offenses over the past decadeùletÆs get some rules, and verbiage out of the way. á Rules, Verbiage, and Other Things to Put You to Sleep The so-called ô7-4ö rule 1. The real rule is that you must have at least seven men on the line of scrimmage. This leaves you with four in the backfield (anywhere behind the offensive lineman). Hence, the ô7-4ö rule. 2. Notice I didnÆt say you had to have four in the backfield. The reason is the bare minimum you can have at the offensive line of scrim ...

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