Tim Tebow: Welcome to the Oakland Raiders, 160 Days Early

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Michael Sipp in NFL
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WARNING: THIS LETTER SOUNDS LIKE A DISNEY MOVIE. STILL, PLEASE READ AND COMMENT. THANK YOU. Dear Mr. Tim Tebow: As I watch another Oakland Raiders loss in pain, I, along with thousands of Raiders fans, wonder why we drafted some guy named JaMarcus Russell. We've all heard of himùscouts said he was the best quarterback to come out since Peyton Manning. They said he could throw the ball a mileùthat his size, speed, and size ratio could make him equals with Michael Vick. I'll admit, I was excited. I was thinking, "Hey, this guy is as big as a linebacker, he can throw it a mile, and he can run too. He will bring the Raiders back." But nowáthat I think about it, a football field is only 100 yards. Three hundred feet, correct? Not quite a mile. The more that I watch Russell, the more I s ...

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