Tiger and Chris: What Can We Learn from Their Many Failings? (Conclusion)

Posted: 20th December 2009 by Leroy Watson Jr. in NFL
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Indeed, what can we learn from the spectacular fall from grace of Eldrick ôTigerö Woods, and the tragic, senseless death of Chris Henry? á Sadly, some of the most poignant lessons we can gather are damning evidences that as a nation, a people, and a society, our values are hopelessly twisted as the first decade of the twenty-first century ticks away. á The United States of America was once an outpost founded on the ideals of freedom from tyranny, tolerance of fellow man, acceptance of diverse ideas about living, raising up of the downtrodden. á Yet now, in this bustling, ever-evolving Internet Age, ôwe the peopleö breed our own cruel form of electronic despotism, spawn hatred and intolerance (sometimes unwittingly), decry as wicked those who are different for any reason, and general ...

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Article written by Leroy Watson Jr.

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