The Washington Redskins Can Play Hard: The Zourne Identity

Posted: 17th December 2009 by Eric Holmberg in NFL
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With three weeks left in the regular season, the Washington Redskins are still playing hard.á OoohÆs and AaahÆs and looks of disbelief ripple through the crowd. After the Redskins skimmed through the first half of the season like it was a training manual, and got reamed out by Joe Bugel, they have been competitive.á But, even more amazing than actually trying during an athletic contest is the league-wide reaction to it. A blanket of praise has covered everyone associated with the Redskins.á Jim Zorn and his coaching staff have done a miraculous job motivating this team.á The players are patrons and saints. The incredulous reaction to mere effort should be startling. But itÆs not. The Washington Redskins are a unique franchise that takes its cues from owner Daniel Snyder (and his po ...

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Article written by Eric Holmberg

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