The Schottey Six: Most Disappointing NFL Players in 2009

Posted: 5th November 2009 by Michael Schottey in NFL
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The NFL Season is like Christmas Morning. All over America, the NFL season starts and some spectators get exactly what they wanted. A great team springs right out of the gate and never disappoints. Some towns get a great looking team which breaks down soon after. A very unlucky set of fans in places like Cleveland and Detroit get a lump of coal. The anticipation isn't reserved for entire teamsùplayers get a fair share of the hype as well. Thanks to fantasy football, each NFL athlete gets a peg on the totem pole and statistic benchmarks he is supposed to meet. Some guys fall woefully short. Instead of leading their teams to the Super Bowl...they lead themselves right to the bench . So, as CBS looks at the most improved players of 2009, I get to take a closer look at the most disa ...

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Article written by Michael Schottey

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