The New England Patriots: Spooking the NFL One Week at a Time

Posted: 5th October 2009 by Geoff Zochodne in NFL
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First things first. I'm taking nothing away from the New England Patriots, who went out and tamed the Baltimore Ravens in a humbling manner. Humbling. The Pats have gone out and humbled two good sophomore quarterbacks in consecutive weeks. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco playedádecent games. But they were humbled. Even the New York Jets victory over the Patriots seemed a bit off. The whole game looked like New York was waiting for New England to win it the whole time; all the Jets could do was keep blitzing and pray that Tom Brady would notáfind his stride. And he's getting closer. When Brady was knocked out at the beginning of last season there was a scramble to rearrange the AFC hierarchy. By the time New England regenerated itself, Miami had justásqueaked by them in the East. But there was ...

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Article written by Geoff Zochodne

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