The New England Patriots’ Offensive Line: Unsung Heroes of 2009

Posted: 1st October 2009 by T.J. Donegan in NFL
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I've got a little quiz for you: if you talk about the best rushing teams in the league, what teams come to mind? Baltimore surely does, with their gaudy 156.7 yard per game average this season after leading the league in attempts last season. The Giants may have an offensive line that is full of relative unknowns to the casual fan, but they led the league last year in running the ball. And Brandon Jacobs is surely a household name by now. Miami's "Wildcat" deserves credit, the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson, of course, and you can't forget Michael Turner and the Atlanta Falcons. If you look back to last season though, it might surprise you to find one name tailing just behind the top five in rushing: the New England Patriots. After the drubbing they took following their loss in the ...

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Article written by T.J. Donegan

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