The Media is Turning Dante Wesley Into a Villain

Posted: 18th October 2009 by Steven Resnick in NFL
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Most NFL fansùunless you're a Carolina Panther fanùdidn't know the name of Dante Wesley until today. There was a play that happened with less than 20 seconds left in the first half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which ultimately got Wesley ejected from the game. The hit itself was monstrous. Leading with his shoulder, he hitáClifton Smith high, which knocked him outájust under a minute. Smith was diagnosed with a concussion due to the result of the play. Now the question comes how will the NFL rule against Wesley, because there's no question he deserved to be ejected for the hit. Was it a dangerousáplayáeven ifùas he claimsùhe mistimed the play? Absolutey. Yet, whatáhurtsáhis cause is the officials got the penalty wron ...

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