The Matt Forte Saga: Why Is He Struggling So Much?

Posted: 22nd September 2009 by Scott Ottersen in NFL
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I am sure I will take some flak for saying this, but Matt Forte is not as good of a running back as everyone thinks. He can be explosive. He can catch the ball. He can make plays after the catch. But, he is just not a complete running back. I don’t believe his vision is all that great. And, in the history of the NFL, vision is what makes you a great running back. A running back has to be able to see the cutback before he commits to the run and he has to have the ability to make that cutback.  As of right now, Matt Forte is not seeing those cutbacks. It seems that if a gaping hole is not provided for him in the designed area of the running play, he is just going to be cut down in the backfield or bowl into the backs of his offensive lineman and take a gain of a yard or two. I saw ...

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