The ESPN Monster Strikes Again!

Posted: 15th September 2009 by John Gallagher in NFL
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It is getting impossible to watch ESPN when there isn't a live game on.

The "World Wide Leader" knows who it loves and wants you to love them, too.

It knows you could not stand the summer love fest between Favre/ESPN/Vikings, but it doesn't care. You are going to have to hear about everything Favre and the Vikings do, even if Favre doesn't necessarily do anything. Go to and read the recap of the game—I have some time to wait.

Another one of their writers is trying to convince me that Brett Favre, along with Adrian Peterson, won that game. That's only half true. "All Day" Adrian Peterson was the show in Cleveland, pushing around the defenders like they were his little brothers. Favre? Oh, he played. Just not all that well.

That d ...

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